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Catherine Paour

The Perpetual and Persistent Patient

Catherine's story of health-related hardships began when she was born folded in half and "butt" first, also known as Frank Breech. After physically struggling with dozens of conditions and symptoms for nearly five decades, she finally went out of her comfort zone and curated her own brand-new medical team.  What transpired after that - was shocking, unbelievable, and outright lifesaving.  Find out how she learned she had a giant hole in her heart; a congenital heart defect that was missed by a cardiologist she had been seeing for 35 years since experiencing dozens of symptoms at such an early age. Catherine underwent open heart surgery in 2016 to repair the hole, then had a roller coaster of experiences and complications that subsequently led to a number of other critical diagnoses, physical limitations, invisible illnesses and shocking revelations,  many that were missed for 55 years.

Catherine has spent her entire life in community service, personal development and volunteer leadership roles where she found the love for speaking. She shares her personal stories to encourage hope and inspiration for others, as well as the importance of personal advocacy for your own health and wellbeing. She also has an important message about your own personal medical records, the "gold" standard of care, and the importance of second opinions.

Catherine's complicated health profile eventually led her to an early retirement. This has allowed her to dive deeper into her purpose, and "trying" to fulfill some passions to keep her heart, mind and body engaged in healthy activities. Her inspiration continues to be her only son, who also endured the unimaginable at the age of four-months but overcame all odds and now serves as a Medic in the US Navy. She is a creative empath, loves to play Ukulele, lead groups as well as bring joy to small children with puppets and costume interaction.  Her entire family are lifelong residents of Torrance, California, dating back to 1912.

It would have been really helpful to know... that my heart had a giant hole.

Speaking and Writing with

My Repaired Hole Heart


  • Hole Hearted Courage: Finding Hope, Happiness and Humor in Healing

  • Decades of Missed Diagnoses 

  • Congenital Heart Defect: A Six-Centimeter Atrial Septal Defect

  • Your Medical Records: Facts or Findings

  • Begging to Breathe: Restrictive Lung Defect

Catherine Paour
Catherine Paour
Catherine Paour

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Catherine is not only a good friend, but also a client of mine in my Life Coaching practice. I have supported her in the value of positive thoughts, and wiping out limited beliefs, and that is evident in her ability to share her story with heart and humor. She finds fulfillment when she can help someone else who may find themselves in similar situations, with a focus on reducing peoples fear the diagnosis, tests required, hospitalizations, surgeries and more. Catherine’s goals are to be sharing her story through writing and speaking. She is not afraid to go public, and in fact was even a guest on my Podcast, “Parent Pump Radio”.

        ~Jacqueline T.D. Huynh, Speaker, Author, Coach~

Catherine could of taken this illness and great disappointment and overcome it and never shared her experience but she didn’t. She has taken it and turned it into a success story. Gods love a Grace just shines through her and She is inspiring others to learn to balance life even in the tuff time and know it’s ok to ask for help, it’s ok to listen to your body, it’s ok to talk about it. I love Catherine and I am encouraged to dust myself off and continue to overcome.

     ~Theresa Estrada, Medical Practice Management~

I’ve known Catherine since the mid 90’s, when we both served in the capacity of President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in our respective cities. She was very dedicated to her chapter and also participated in leadership development at both the state and national levels. She was awarded the National Jaycee of the Year, and after aging out of the organization, she received the highest honors of being a woman in history for the California Junior Chamber of Commerce. 


Catherine is now on disability and able to take an early retirement from her 40- plus year career in event planning, fundraising, public relations and communications.  While she may not have the physical energy she once had, she still thrives on supporting teams with her creativity by brainstorming ideas, and publicly sharing her story through writing and speaking engagements.  She once told me that finding this hole in her heart after 55 years was symbolic for surviving the ordeal she had with her son being a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome and dealing with “the system”, where she always felt that ripped a hole in her heart. And now with closing the actual hole in her heart, she shares how this has helped her discover her purpose in life.

      ~Eleanor Manzano, City of Redondo Beach~


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