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One Week Down

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

One week down from surgery…. and today probably the worst pain of all. Trying to grab something out of the fridge and pulled something. Hope it dwindles from here. I thought I'd share a little glimpse…. to remind yourselves to add little joy to your day and just laugh at the crummy stuff – because it’s not that bad!

I can barely do anything, sound like a beached walrus trying to get out of bed…. I’m loaded with tape all around my jugular and neck down to the belly…I have a device I have to lug around with me 24.7, my left arm is completely black, my dogs stink, my house stinks, I’m sure I stink, my pillow sucks, I can’t open the freezer door to get ice (too much suction), my neck is killing me, I’m dying for a back crack, and I love my little Honda red blankie!!!!! Thank you to whoever gifted those to us -!! I have a little machine I am working to improve the expansion of my lungs, and I’m getting better every day! I don’t have much of an appetite, and grrrrr… if this doesn’t help me lose weight… grrrrr! Thank God for the new season to TV shows. And Auto Bill Pay. The day is not long like you’d think…because every little thing I try to do takes an hour! I haven’t had makeup on in two weeks. and don’t need any! My surgeon says OMG…. you have a completely different skin then when you came in here. Funny what oxygen will do for you! LOL!!!!! He said more than 1/2 of my oxygen was bouncing back and not getting to where it needed to go. But no one will catch me without lip gloss!

The hole they found in my heart… turns out to be the biggest one the hospital has ever seen. At least 10 people in the OR, including the two surgeons at some point came in my room during my stay to tell me that mine was a first…. enormous. The surgeon said it was so big…. that I didn’t really have two chambers of the heart, just one great big inflated one. He was able to build or reconstruct a wall between the two valves were the septal wall should be, using my own heart pericardium. I had to look that up… interesting. So I don’t have a Dacron Patch!

It was tough. And you may think… good thing Trevor is old enough to help her, right? After my mom spent an exhausting day with me on Saturday at my house, she finally crashes on the couch at her home at around 8:30 pm she gets a call from Trevor. He took the dogs for a walk, dropped them off back home then took off in his 3-mile run, as he does every night. He fell. He was lying on someone’s front yard/gutter and couldn’t move. He was too afraid to call me. So, my parents get up, drive around the neighborhood looking for Trevor and drive right past him. So Trevor calls me…. I have to send my parents back out to look for Trevor…as I tell him to turn the flashlight on his phone and wave it! They find him, drop grandpa at my house to be with me, and gramma and Trevor take off to the ER. Gramps couldn’t understand how anyone has a house with cookies in it!! Home at midnight in agony pain, broken foot and sprained ankle. His right foot. So now… he can’t be my driver, can’t take himself to and from school, and well….. neither one of us can help the other in what we need. Unbelievable!!!!!

But were doing it! Because we have the PAOUR!!!!!

Hope you enjoy my lighthearted story... the only way to get though life

challenges sometimes! And It’s going to be just be great from here….. for I’ll be

able to BREATHE!!!!!

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